No thanks to Nintendo’s decision to keep everyone in the dark regarding their upcoming Nintendo NX console, fans have been left to scramble for information in every corner of the internet. Of course, a lot of reports and rumors have surfaced in recent weeks that gave fans an unofficial glimpse into the NX.
Previously, it was reported that Nintendo’s upcoming console – still code-named as the ‘NX’ – will use cartridges again as the medium for the games. It’s a rather questionable decision, considering discs are now the norm. For those of you doubting whether Nintendo will really use a medium which is less capable of carrying large amounts of data, it looks like you’re going to have to start convincing yourself that it’s very much a reality.
This month, Sony will hold a special event down in New York, simply touted as a “PlayStation Meeting”. It’s generally assumed that Sony will use the event to unveil two consoles that they’ve been keeping in the dark: the PS4 Slim and the PS4 NEO.
It won’t be long now before Nintendo officially unveils the Nintendo NX, which will either confirm or put down the numerous reports and rumors surrounding the mysterious console that have surfaced in recent weeks. It’s now known that the NX will have detachable controllers
Based on all the recent reports that have surfaced surrounding the Nintendo NX, it looks like Nintendo is doing the best it can to shed the embarrassment caused by the Nintendo Wii U, which failed to capitalize on its predecessor’s massive success.
As the March 2017 target release date of the Nintendo NX creeps closer, more and more information about the console are starting to pop up, although all of them are purely scooped up from “sources” and none of them bears the seal of confirmation from Nintendo.
Earlier this month, word got out that Sony has been sending out invites for a PlayStation event this coming September 7, simply dubbed as “PlayStation Meeting”. Of course, the invites did not come with the exact itinerary of the event because, well, that pretty much defeats the purpose of having a special event.
Another month has passed without a word from Nintendo about their tightly-wrapped upcoming console code-named ‘NX’ – yes, seven months before the announced March 2017 release date and the mysterious console still doesn’t even have an official name.
It’s already been weeks after Sony confirmed the existence of the PlayStation 4 NEO just before their fireworks-worthy showcase at this year’s E3. Since then, however, they have kept to themselves about the console, which will simply be a mid-generation upgrade to the current PS4 instead of a full next-gen console.
Holiday Season 2017 will see the release of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, a high-powered console that will boast a computing power four times than the current Xbox One. That kind of power easily translates to even more stunning visuals, enough to get everyone giddy – including game developers themselves.
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