A few days ago, a report came up that the launch model of the Xbox One S – the white 2TB model with the $399 price tag – is now out of stock in most retailers and that Microsoft has no immediate plans to replenish stocks. It turns out Microsoft has a valid reason for doling out only a limited number of Xbox One S units at launch: the white 2TB Xbox One S is a limited edition bundle.
The first week of August saw the arrival of the Xbox One S, an upgrade to the current Xbox One console, which was initially announced in this year’s E3. The sleek white console is enjoying good reviews so far, mostly thanks to the upgrade in resolution – one of the original Xbox One’s shortcomings – and the slimmer design.
Nintendo’s upcoming next-gen console – still under the code-name ‘NX’ – is reportedly going to be a home console-handheld hybrid, with detachable controllers on its sides and the ability to hook into a TV to function as your regular console at home. At first, the idea may sound like a smart thing to do, considering that Nintendo is the leader in on-the-go gaming – no, mobile games don’t fall under the same category as handheld console games.
Nintendo is set to release their next-gen console, code-named ‘NX’, on March 2017. But despite it arriving in less than a year, details about it have been slim – even Nintendo has yet to reveal the console’s official name. Although there are some details that have surfaced recently, like the NX set to use old-school cartridges again, people are generally still in the dark.
Aside from being overpowered in the hardware department by its contemporaries, the Nintendo Wii U secured its downfall by neglecting support from 3rd-party developers and banking almost entirely on its slate of intellectual properties.
E3 2016 was a pretty exciting one for Xbox fans. Aside from the announcement that they’re developing a very powerful next-gen console scheduled for release in 2017, Microsoft also unveiled the Xbox One S, an upgrade to its current Xbox One.
The Sony PlayStation 4 is currently the most powerful gaming console in the market, easily side-stepping over the Microsoft Xbox One and effectively sending the Nintendo Wii U packing. While there is no doubt the PS4 stands as the golden standard for consoles at the moment, that’s not stopping Sony from unleashing an even more powerful console later this year or early 2017.
In this year’s E3, Microsoft announced that it is currently developing a new console scheduled to be released during the holiday season in 2017. Xbox boss Phil Spencer did not give out much information about the console, code-named ‘Project Scorpio’, but the ones he did provide were so outrageous that you’d think he was just kidding.
In case you missed the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last June, Xbox big boss Phil Spencer provided one of the event’s biggest surprises by announcing that they are developing a new dedicated gaming system that promises to be the most powerful console yet. No, we’re not talking about the Xbox One S, a slimmer and more powerful version of the current Xbox One, which was similarly announced at E3 and is set to launch this month.
On March 2017, Nintendo’s veil of secrecy on its in-development console – still code-named as the ‘NX’ – will be completely lifted. But that doesn’t mean just because the official release is only a few months away, Nintendo is now going to start teasing people with details about the NX.