One of the reasons the Nintendo Wii U underperformed in the market despite the huge success of its predecessor was that it was overpowered by its rivals, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, in terms of hardware prowess. Therefore, common sense would dictate that for Nintendo to get itself back in the game, it should equip its next console with hardware capabilities that bests both consoles.
Nintendo’s upcoming next-gen console, code-named ‘NX’, will be arriving in less than a year. And for the first time since Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata announced the development of the gaming system back in March 2015, significant information about the NX, although still unofficial, are popping left and right.
It’s been more than a year since Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata first announced the development of their next-gen console, code-named ‘NX’, but information regarding it has been so tightly guarded, it could easily pass off as a myth.
After months of speculation, Nintendo’s upcoming next-gen console, code-named ‘NX’, now has a release date. The Nintendo NX, who is now becoming on par to Page 2 of Google Search results in terms of mystery, will be released worldwide in March 2017.
The NX is an upcoming dedicated gaming system currently being developed by Nintendo. It was first announced back in March 2015 by Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata during the announcement of its partnership with Japanese mobile games giant DeNA.