Nintendo NX Will Feature Split D-Pad and A Share Button Similar to PS4

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By consolenerd on Sep 3, 2016 at 6:06 PM
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    It won’t be long now before Nintendo officially unveils the Nintendo NX, which will either confirm or put down the numerous reports and rumors surrounding the mysterious console that have surfaced in recent weeks. It’s now known that the NX will have detachable controllers (it’s primarily a handheld console) and said controller will be similar to the Wii Remote in that it will feature motion control. Furthermore, the NX controller seems to be modular, capable of having its buttons swapped out, if the recent patent leaks have some truth to them. Considering all that, it’s reasonable to conclude that most of the unofficial NX information centers on its controllers.

    Now, yet another detail about the NX controller has been scooped up by Let’s Play Video Games. According to the report, which was sourced from “anonymous sources”, the NX controller will be breaking the trend by featuring a split directional pad, instead of the usual solid one that Nintendo typically utilizes on its consoles – both home and handheld. The d-pad will bear resemblance to the PS4 controller’s d-pad, which has always been split ever since its first iteration.

    The NX controller will also feature a Share button, again similar to the PS4 controller. Reportedly, the Share button will allow players to share (duh) images and videos to social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, and also to memory devices.

    It’s interesting that Nintendo has chosen to feature a split d-pad (assuming the report proves to be true) because the solid one they’ve always used has never given players any game-breaking problems. It can be argued that the solid d-pad is more favorable to players since it allows the thumb to fluidly move from button to button. It still remains to be seen whether or not this change of aesthetic has anything to do with the report of the NX controller having swappable buttons. Thankfully, the Tokyo Game Show 2016, the event where Nintendo is generally speculated to finally reveal the NX, is creeping closer.


Discussion in 'News, Rumors, and Announcements' started by consolenerd, Sep 3, 2016.

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