PlayStation 4 NEO May Be Revealed This September

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By consolenerd on Aug 15, 2016 at 4:25 PM
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    It’s already been weeks after Sony confirmed the existence of the PlayStation 4 NEO just before their fireworks-worthy showcase at this year’s E3. Since then, however, they have kept to themselves about the console, which will simply be a mid-generation upgrade to the current PS4 instead of a full next-gen console. The most information we have about the console are the technical specifications uncovered by Giant Bomb, which details the slight boost in hardware power compared to the current PS4. But it looks like we don’t have to wait long for Sony to make any kind of official announcement.

    Sony has been sending out invites to an event taking place this coming September 7th at The PlayStation Theatre in New York City. The event, which is simply being called a “PlayStation Meeting”, will field updates on the PS4 and the PlayStation business. Although there’s no word from Sony whether the PS4 NEO will finally be unveiled at the event, it’s safe to assume that they will. After all, they are way overdue to shed some light on their upcoming console, which may end up hitting stores as early as October this year – the same month the PlayStation VR will launch.

    The announcement could really come in the September event, but there’s also the possibility that it will be on a sort of negative tone – you know, delays and stuff. Sony is currently on the spotlight on how they will respond to Microsoft’s announcement of Project Scorpio, which boasts a graphical prowess almost on par to a very high-end gaming PC. Sony could simply show a quick peek at the PS4 NEO and then just as quickly announce a much later-than-expected release date for the sole reason that they are still tinkering with the machine a.k.a. they are looking for ways to one-up Project Scorpio.

    Whatever Sony announces at the event regarding the PS4 NEO will be most welcome, regardless how little or groundbreaking it is. It’s about time they say something – anything – about their under-wraps console.


Discussion in 'News, Rumors, and Announcements' started by consolenerd, Aug 15, 2016.

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