PS4 NEO Leaks Detail Console Design and Price

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    This month, Sony will hold a special event down in New York, simply touted as a “PlayStation Meeting”. It’s generally assumed that Sony will use the event to unveil two consoles that they’ve been keeping in the dark: the PS4 Slim and the PS4 NEO.

    The former wasn’t even known to exist, before a series of images and videos of people actually having bought the console made the rounds on the internet. Although, considering Sony typically produces slim versions of all their home and handheld consoles, the existence of the PS4 Slim isn’t really all that shocking. The PS4 NEO, on the other hand, has already been confirmed by Sony before E3 2016. But other than that, no other information came out from Sony HQ.

    PS4 NEO could be similar to PS4 Slim, design-wise

    The aforementioned PS4 Slim leaks showed that, aside from being significantly slimmer (duh), the console is triple-layered, so to speak, compared to the double layer of the current PS4. And it looks like the PS4 NEO will also have a similar design.

    In a Chinese forum, someone that supposedly works at Foxconn – a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company – has posted a drawing of what could be the design of the PS4 NEO. The sketch clearly suggests that the PS4 NEO will have three stacks or levels – exactly the same as the PS4 Slim. Furthermore, the poster, who goes by the name of “Qiyao wake”, also mentioned in a separate post that the upcoming console weighs in at 10 pounds. Putting those two posts together and it’s very apparent that the PS4 NEO will be bigger than the current PS4. The bigger design actually makes sense once you remember that the PS4 NEO will boast higher power as reported, which will require it to have more room to breathe.

    Although irrelevant now with the series of image leaks practically confirming its design, there could also be a chance that Qiyao wake is actually referring to the PS4 Slim by mistake. Then again, the PS4 NEO is confirmed to be simply a mid-generation upgrade instead of a new generation of home consoles. So it makes sense that the PS4 NEO design bears resemblance to Sony’s current-gen console. Heck, it will even share the game library of the PS4, but will give the option for players to go “NEO” Mode, which means an upscale in resolution to 4K.

    PS4 NEO pricier than current PS4

    The same Foxconn source mentioned above also said that the PS4 NEO is expected to roll out in China with a 3000 Chinese Yen price tag, which translates to roughly $450. By comparison, the current model of the PS4 is priced at $399, while the PS4 Slim will presumably come with a much lower price (although Sony could make the case that the reportedly redesigned DualShock 4 controller warrants a price a lot closer to the current model).

    The $450 price tag plastered on the PS4 NEO (assuming that turns out to be accurate or at least very close to it) isn’t exactly ridiculous, considering the console does come with improved technical specifications, which might be tailored to fit the demands of the similarly upcoming PlayStation VR. Supposedly, the current PS4 is not enough to properly showcase the awesomeness of the virtual reality headset, prompting Sony to develop the PS4 NEO in the first place.

    As long as consoles don’t break the $500 mark, people have proven that they’re very much willing to empty their wallets for the next gaming system that rolls out. Although things might change when Microsoft rolls out their similarly mid-generation upgrade, the code-named ‘Project Scorpio’. The console, which is expected to arrive during the holiday season next year, boasts a beastly hardware power – 6 teraflops of computing power, to be precise. And that alone could easily dictate a price that goes over $500, unless Microsoft feels enough pity for people’s wallets.

    The PlayStation Meeting will be held this coming September 7, so all these rumors and leaks could finally get validation when Sony pulls the curtain on both the PS4 Slim and PS4 NEO. On a relative note, the month of September will also host the Tokyo Game Show 2016, the event where another similarly mysterious console could be unveiled. It’s going to be an amazing September for the video games industry.


Discussion in 'News, Rumors, and Announcements' started by consolenerd, Sep 3, 2016.

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